Monday, July 29, 2013


Most of you are not aware that my professional training and background are in the municipal planning genre.  I worked for the City of Charlotte and then for a private firm doing municipal transportation planning.  I thought back to this one day when one of my friends proudly announced that his employer told him they had plans for him.  He was glad he was in their thoughts and felt this was a very good thing.  I asked him a few questions ... did his employer ask him what his hopes and dreams were when they were deciding the right placement for him?  Did they talk to him about his giftedness?  Did they seek his input into their plans?  The truth is, this employer did not know this person, their talents, their dreams and their hopes from a hole in the ground.  Their plans were totally oriented to the needs of the company and the needs of the bottom line.

In Jeremiah God tells the people of Israel (in exile at the time) that He has plans for them.  He says His plans for them will prosper them and give them a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).  What is the difference between these two planning scenarios?

I think the difference is stark.  The company has a motive of fitting the person into their plan and into the little box they need to accomplish their motive.  God, on the other hand, knows you when He is making plans for you.  Psalm 139 says He knows our innermost being.  He has woven us together in the womb ... and woven in this text means that God has intentionally formed us as a unique creation.  So when He is making plans He knows our thoughts, our desires, our talents and our heart.  He knows us better than we know ourselves.  I am good with God making those plans for me.  But be careful when someone says they have plans for you.  Make sure they know you well enough to make plans that will give you hope and a future.  Randy

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