Friday, September 6, 2013

Just a Story?

In Seminary we had a course in parables.  One of my friends was in the course but didn't take things too seriously.  His attitude was that he was learning about a bunch of stories.   He thought that the professor would treat the course lightly since parables are 'light.'  He did not understand either the seriousness of the parables or the cutting messages of these stories that could only be heard by those with "eyes to see and ears to hear."  He looked at the requirements (which included 90% class attendance).  He thought they didn't apply to him ... he attended the first class and did not appear again until  the week before the final exam.  When grades came out he was mad.  He had studied the material and made a B on the final exam.  On the final grade he made a D.  I mused that because the course was about parables he must have thought the course was also a parable ... just a story.

The parables are not 'just stories.'  Sunday we will take a short look at the story of Zaccheaus and will connect the story to the Parable of the Pearl of Great Price.  I hope you will be there for a fresh look a this pointed story ... but not 'just a story.'  It is a serious parable about what God has done for us and what He has given for our salvation.  It is a serious story of love and we should listen, smile and accept how much God loves us.  His level of love and His pursuit of those He loves is a beautiful tale of God's work in the world He loves.  But it is not JUST A STORY!  Pastor Randy

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  1. Randy, I am very touched with your latest blog. I cannot agree with you more about how truly caring people in Abbeville are. If you offer a smile it is always returned with one. Everyone should be treated with respect and work toward a solution that will be justice for all. Love thy neighbor!!