Monday, March 24, 2014

Watching Children

Yesterday I was watching our three amazing acolytes as they brought the light of Christ into the Sanctuary and lit the candles. I marveled at their innocence, beauty and wonder as they watched the light flicker, carefully walking down the asile.  They were all a blessing.

I think Jesus would have been honered that three little girls are so ready to offer their part in our worship of God.  They are truly doers of Gods Word and I am excited to have them as part of our worship team on Sunday morning.

I remember the story (you know it) when Jesus, in Luke 18, blesses the little children and rebukes the adults who get in the way of the children coming to Him.  I have always loved the statement, "the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like these little children."

Jesus could mean many things by this statement.  He could mean that God's kingdom belongs to the innocent ... those who haven't been so corrupted by the things of this world.  He could mean that God's kingdom belongs to those who come to Him with hope, open hearts, and open eyes, watching to see what Jesus is about to do.  Among the many things this statement could mean, I think I like these the best.

I especially love the thought of those who come to Jesus wondering what He is about to do.  For God is active in the world.  Three little girls walking down the asile on Sunday morning, looking up at the simple candle flame with wonder and hope.  Wonder in how the outward sign of the flame reminds us of God's presence, God's grace and God's constant activity in our lives through worship on Sunday morning.  Hope in how God might take the light of His Word and light a flame in a heart, a life, a family, a situation ... so that we ask, "What is Jesus about to do?"  THAT is a beautiful children's question that we, as adults, ought to own every day.  When you get out of bed, go to work, sit down at the table, go about your daily activities, ask ... "Lord, what are you about to do?"  Then do one more thing.  Watch for the answer to the question.  Your day, your week and your life will be better because you have become that expectant child looking up at God's light ... knowing He is about to do something good.


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