Monday, June 16, 2014

On Hold

As I am writing this note I am on hold with Comcast and awaiting a callback from Verizon regarding a change in service for my parents.  It is an infuriating process to deal with these mega-companies that seem to think that our time is an expendable commodity.  In fact, time isn't something that we can get back, so I am multitasking.  I am writing you while I am on hold.

While I am holding with these people who will, most certainly, not be able to help me (I will probably end up talking to supervisors who can actually make a decision, but probably won't) I am trying to make good use of the time God has granted me today.  Sometimes that is all we can do while we are "on hold" in life.

Elijah was in a cave in 1 Kings Chapter 19. He was on hold.  Maybe he was confused.  We do know he was fleeing persecution from Ahab and Jezebel.  We also know he was in a state of believing that he was the sole person defending God's honor in a godless kingdom.  John talked about Elijah on Wednesday night and recalled what God said to Elijah while Elijah was "on hold."  He said, "What are you doing here Elijah?"  It is a good question for Elijah and for us.  What are we doing here?

I can identify with Elijah in this situation.  Life sometimes seems to place us on hold and we pray, wait, hope and seem to be stuck.  Why isn't something happening?  Where is God?  Why do we feel this way?  These are questions common to good people who are processing their understanding of God and our understanding of life's doldrums.  Here is what I will try while I am "on hold."

1) I will keep working.  My football coach told me when I was stuck on a skill level that I wanted to improve, just keep doing the right things and work hard.
2) I will remember what God has done because I know God is faithful and caring.  That same God is still Lord of the universe.
3) I will seek God in His Word.  God's Word always leads, is always living and is always there.
4) I will recall Elijah's story.  God sends a whirlwind, an earthquake and a fire ... God isn't in any of these things.  God is in the whisper He sends to Elijah, calling him out of the cave.  So ... I will listen for the whisper of God.

I am still on hold with Comcast and still have no response from Verizon ... but I know God hears and cares ... that is enough!  Randy 

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