Monday, November 17, 2014

The Mission

The more I read the story of Jesus sending out His disciples (Matthew 10) the more I realize how true it is to say ... "We are the mission."  Jesus imparts the disciples with visual training of what He has done ... He teaches them ... He demonstrates what He is like... then he does something very Hebrew.  The Hebrew method of teaching involves telling, dialogue and then hands-on doing.  Matthew 10 is Jesus telling the disciples to "go out and do it."  The mission is caught up in the people and the process ... because Jesus wants it to stick!

Sunday evening, at the Community Thanksgiving Service, I will be speaking about how God has given, in Psalm 133, an equation for harmony.  He tells us that harmony is desired.  He expresses that harmony flows from God (from whom all blessings flow).  and He tells us that we are traveling toward a place and time of ultimate harmony in eternity with Him.  But harmony is a blessing that requires work, effort, struggle, trail and error and successes and failures.  When Jesus sends out the disciples to do the work of the Church He knows all of these "discomforts" will happen.  He even tells the disciples they will not be accepted everywhere, they will be brought before political and religious authorities and they will walk away disheartened by their lack of success.  So ... what do we and they do?  Go anyway, because we have been "sent out" by the Master.  We will never be alone and people cannot take any eternal thing from us.  We are in harmony with God and with those who are part of God's great mission!  Randy

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