Monday, February 2, 2015


When I went to Seminary I thought I knew a lot.  Then I took the Bible Competency Exam from Asbury and realized I really didn't know anything.  Further study under some amazing teachers and Biblical Scholars affirmed my lack of knowledge.  Three years of A's in all my courses (except undergraduate Greek ... that's another story for another time) again left me believing I knew a lot.

Some of the congregations I have served in that 20 years haven't challenged that assumption of knowledge.  It is interesting that the congregations that felt they were most intellectual were actually the ones with the least actual and practical Biblical knowledge.  Those having one (maybe the best) leadership trait, humility, were the ones with the most real and actual grasp of the Bible.  Those that thought they knew the most knew the least and those that thought they knew the least actually knew the most.  Sounds a bit like "the last shall be first and the first shall be last" [Matthew 20:16]. Go figure, God was right yet again!?

What I am saying is this.  Many of you have an air and attitude of humility.  You pitch in where needed.  You serve in the lowly places.  You don't mind getting your hands dirty.  You don't mind being last.  And because of this you might be surprised to know that you know more than lots of pastors, lots of Seminary students and (pretty often) me.  Thanks for being people who allow me to cast an idea out over the living water of this congregation and see how it flows, grows and morphs into a really good plan.  You are so much smarter that I am about many things!

Thanks for being servant-minded, seeking the best for God's use of the people and facilities of this place called Abbeville UMC.  Thank you for getting Philippians 2, having the mind of Christ and hearts of humility!  Randy 

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