Sunday, May 10, 2015


My life has been in a bit of disorder for the past several weeks.  There has been the three week stay of mom and dad, both a blessing and a disruption of my usual routine.  Sally has been dealing with her own issues, we have been trying to get quotes on painting the church, the storm has trashed the fence at the parsonage, I have a good friend who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer ... you get the point ... I could go on for several paragraphs.  And my situation is minor in comparison to some of you.  The world seems in chaos!

Last week I was talking to one of our members about how worldly chaos is no difficulty for God.  It even says this in the first book of the Bible as God finds a world "formless and void." God brings the formlessness into a form He says is "good" and He fills the void with everything we call "creation."  Pretty amazing I believe.

When we believe our little part of the planet and our little lives are spinning out of control, I think there is a great prayer to pray.  It is simple and faith-filled and approaches God with the belief that He can make something good out of our worst situations.  It is a prayer that claims the promise in Romans 8 that God will not allow His people (those who call upon His name) to be separated from God's love He sent us in Jesus.  In a sense God is saying that sending Jesus to us is His way of repeating the goodness and purity of creation, because God is making all things new!  So my prayer is this ... "God, do it again!"

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