Monday, June 8, 2015

Wrap Me In Your Arms

On our trip to Belize this past month we were blessed to be in worship with Ed and Arita Lemas in their church.  It was a great participatory worship experience as Ed led the music and the people sang with passion.  Ed introduced us to a new song called "Wrap Me In Your Arms" which expresses God's attributes of nurture, transformation and presence in the midst of our struggles. 

If you were in our worship Sunday I believe you felt and saw passion as we sang with both joy and tears.  One of our favorite people was not with us, for she has gone on ahead to God and His glory.  But we sang remembering Jackie Leddon and her legacy of singing with us.  What I believe Jackie might say to us today, the day after her funeral, is this.  There is a point and destination to what God is doing with us.  The song Ed sang says, "take me to that place Lord ... where I am changed ... where I can become more like You."  Did you know that every experience in life points to those things?  To how God will change you through today's events.  To how God will comfort you by wrapping you in His arms.  To how God (amazing for the creator of the universe to desire this) longs for us to come to Him and be held in His perfect place, just for us.

I must end this blog today with pride for the way all of the Church followed God's lead yesterday.  You wrapped Jackie and her family in your arms.  You expressed love to Ron and his friends/family materially, verbally and physically as you shouted your love for them.  Did you know that during that process God achieved His purpose in you?  For you became His hands, feet, tears and heart as you loved like He would love.  Well done!  Thanks for wrapping this family in your arms of grace, love and comfort.  You are amazing!  Randy

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