Monday, March 7, 2016

Still There

I was driving to Montgomery for a training session the other day.  I passed one of those control burns that gives me instant sinus issues and hides the road from view.  It is one of those necessary and annoying things that is part of life in the deep south.  As I drove along watching the center-line so that I stayed on the road I only slowed a little.  Just because smoke hid the road I had faith the road was still there.  I think this is what Voltaire had in mind when he said, "The burning of a little straw may hide the stars but the stars outlast the smoke."

Late last night I was lifting up prayers for our church and for individual issues that face our friends, relatives and neighbors.  A son in trouble.  Another son in the battle of his life.  Teens that ignore the obvious and run headlong into problems.  Cancer running rampant in our midst.  Financial woes.  The business of the Easter season.  Decisions that can either be God-focused or Me-focused.  Family struggles.  A friend recovering in Birmingham.  Smoke!

Remember ... though the smoke hides the road, the road is still there.  Though the smoke hides the stars the stars are there and are faithfully shining beyond the touch of the smoke.  And God is still there, watching events, turning all things toward Him and loving us back to His place (His ultimate goal for each of us).  Jesus,seemingly forsaken on the cross, sits at the Father's right hand, waiting till He can bring perfect resolution to all the smoke we face.  Thank you Lord for turning all things to You, our rock and our salvation.  Randy

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