Monday, July 11, 2016

Precious, Not Popular

Our continued journey through Philippians 2 is a study of how we should approach life, ministry and witness.  I remember Tony Campolo speaking about his African-American pastor who would go off on rants as he preached.  In one of those rants the preacher reminded the congregation that when you die and the folks have buried you and walked back to the fellowship hall to eat potato salad, they won't be talking about your titles, your accolades and your awards.  If they are they will be speaking about a life that is empty and dim.  What they should be speaking about is how you, as a child of God, shone light into the world by a precious testimony that came from your relationship to Jesus.

In Philippians 2 Paul reflects about people of joy that are starkly different than the crooked and perverse world we live in.  Paul says we hold out a precious message that is 1) different than the message of the world, 2) light compared to the world's darkness, 3) a message that is life, 4) a message that should be offered with an attitude of cooperation, 5) a message that is worth pouring out your life, and  6) a message that is shared joy between those that carry that light to the world.  While nothing in verses 15-18 says that this message will be popular, everything in this passage highlights a message that is worthy of children of the King.

If you follow Paul, when you breathe your last they will gather to talk about your testimony that shines brightly beyond the grave.  THAT, is shared joy!

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