Monday, February 5, 2018

The Lord's

I hear it a lot.  "That's not in my skill set."  "I can't do that because it is out of my comfort zone."  "That makes me anxious so I can't do it."  These are some very American excuses for not doing things.  In a society that is driven by feelings this is what results.  Everyone is their own CEO, Commander and Chief and Field General.  How does this track with Scripture?  I have to say ... not so good!

There is a wonderful story in 2 Chronicles 20.  In the story the Amorites and the Moabites have come up against Israel and things don't look good.  The army, in Scripture, was called "a great multitude."  King Jehoshaphat was shaken and fearful but he did what we should do when we are fearful and shaken ... he sought the Lord.  He prays ... "we have no might against this great company and we don't know what to do!"  I think this was a good prayer for God sent them into the battle saying, "you shall not have to fight this battle for the Lord will be with you.  The battle is not yours but God's."  The next day Jehoshaphat does something very strange.  He sends out the praise band to sing about God's glory and His mercy that "endureth forever."  It was a great move of faith and a great risk, but it was God's will.

I thought of three things when I re-read this wonderful story.  First, when we are fearful and have no clue what to do, going to God is a good and rational thing.  God has overcome the unknowns of this world and God knows a path that will lead us to whatever victory is appropriate for our situation.  Second, we need to remember the power of things given over to God.  Jehoshaphat totally gave over an impossible situation to God.  He let is go completely.  He did not cling to the problem, his rational understanding of the overwhelming odds or his own plans to solve the problem.  The problem was given entirely to God.  Finally, let's carefully look at this story and understand that God's solution (and the action required by God's people) was totally irrational from our human mindset. "Lord ... you must be crazy!  Send out the singers?  Prepare for the 'fight' by singing praise songs?"  God's will is often beyond our understanding but to follow we must trust He knows what He is doing!

Go to God with your problems.  Don't do a halfway job of giving them to Him.  Be ready to follow the uncomfortable, irrational and even mystical instructions of God.  For the battle is the Lord's if you give it all over to Him!  Randy

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