Monday, June 4, 2018

So What?

I have encountered many people who seem to be living inside things that are past ... things that have victimized them ... things that (in the scheme of life) don't amount to anything.  For some reason we, as people, give power to things that have no power and fail to appropriate power form the sources available to us.  It is an enigma, especially for people who profess to be Christians.

At Annual Conference Bishop Swanson delivered our opening message on Revelation 21, reminding us that God said, "And the sea will be no more!"  John is in exile on a barren, small island called Patmos and his prison is surrounded by water.  In John's message of hope he reminds us we worship a God that will destroy the barriers between us and the places God will take us.  His visible, ever-present, oppressive barrier of a feared and stormy sea will be gone in an instant by the power and word of God.

What if we remembered that?  What if we understood God's desire for us to live as faithful people that know God's provision and power will deliver us from the things that life throws our way?  What if we believed this so strongly that we could see past the obstacles to the goodness and grace of a God that always keeps His promises?  What if we lived by faith ...not by sight?

Great questions ... for God will speak and the sea will be no more!  Randy

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