Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Empty Pockets

 The basic theme of Haggai 1 is all about priorities and what we are focused on.  One day I was playing golf and I threw my sunglasses on the ground.  I decided that nothing was going to draw my focus away from that ball so I hit the shot and totally decimated that pair of sunglasses with my follow through.  Maybe I should have moved them.

In Haggai 1 the prophet is telling the people the Lord's opinion of their priorities.  The people wonder why they toil much and harvest little.  They wonder why they put wages in their pockets and find their pockets empty.  They wonder why they spent lots of time and effort on their own houses and still find themselves empty and wanting.  God says it is because they are focused on their own stuff and are ignoring God's priorities.  God says, "My house is in ruins!"  What does He mean?

I think it relates to lots of things.  We talk about worshipping and following God, but when it comes to how God would tell us to "do church" I wonder if we listen.  Maybe we have allowed our church to lose focus and have emptiness while God is calling us to focus on Him.  Just a thought.

COVID has caused us to be a bit distracted.  Our own desires and priorities have drawn our attention away from the good stuff.  We have been too focused on elections and the media (social and otherwise).  And, we might have forgotten that our priority in church ... in worshiping God ... in learning about God ... in understanding that we exist to glorify, honor and praise God.  Lord forgive us.  I fear that in some ways we have let Your house be in ruins while we are caught up in our own opinions, priorities and our control.  Maybe (as the song says) it is time to get back to some basics.

Over the next few weeks we will have some awesome instrumental music by guest musicians.  I hope our rebuilding of our streaming capability will be done at a level where we can stream our services Sunday and Wednesday.  But rest assured one thing ... we will focus on God and lift Him up in His temple.  Time to rebuild and time do let God take us into the great plans He has made.  Thanks ... Randy

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