Monday, May 24, 2021

Broccoli or Bear Claw

I've been on a little kick lately.  I have learned that I am either losing or gaining weight ... there is no stasis position.  So, what do you do?  You focus, you concentrate and you learn from your own and other people's experiences.  You grow!

After Pentecost, we gather and have a propensity to go back to that comfortable, cozy and contented state where we look for what tastes good, rather than to strive for what is good.  I am a master at this!

Every day, as I have made my way through stores and eating establishments, I have had choices.  I was in Panera Bread one day and saw that wonderful display of good stuff.  Pastries, breads and the dreaded bear claw.  I love them ... I admit it!  But while I am trying to get myself to a lower carbohydrate situation, I know which one is a good choice.  I got the strawberry/poppyseed salad and called it a day.

But more important things are out there than these choices.  Last week I said to BE the Church I must BE patient, BE filled, BE out there, BE connected, BE thick-skinned and BE in awe of God.  Now, comes the test.  It's easy to preach that stuff.  It's easy to read and learn about low-carb foods.  It is hard to apply those things we must BE as we follow God.  It is hard to BE disciplined, taught, led, changed and transformed by God from "of the world," to "in the world" and "of Christ" (Romans 12:2).  It is a daily choice.  Sometimes it is a minute-by-minute choice.

The world is a pastry case filled with lots of stuff that looks good.  Doughnuts, honey buns, bear claws, greed, arrogance, contentiousness ... things that feel right when we follow a feelings-based world.  But, if we want to stay in shape, be fit for service in God's plan, and be lean, ready, locked and loaded, we must make some choices.  So ... bear claw or broccoli?  Which will you choose?  Randy

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