Monday, January 27, 2014

Profit and Loss

These two terms are very basic terms used in business every day.  They relate to the bottom line.  In business, when you profit you are making money and when there is a loss you are losing money.  But for those of us dealing with life issues, profit and loss becomes less exact.  We weigh decisions ... we weigh choices ... we weigh life.  Does this decision or this choice make sense?  That might seem profitable but I must play it out to its end ... will the end of the story be profitable?  When I play out the events that might happen, will this be something good or something bad?  Will it bring life or take life away?  Will it honor God or cause God to be sad?

One day when I was a boy I was walking down through my back yard and I saw two doves sitting in a tree. They were at least 40 yards away and a thought came through my mind.  "I wonder if I could hit one of them with a rock i saw on the ground."  I wasn't planning to use them for food.  I wasn't planning some noble thing.  I just wanted to know if i could "make the shot," ... "hit the target."  So I picked up the rock, aimed and threw ... and hit both doves with that rock.  They tumbled to the ground any my exhilaration turned to horror and shame.  I had taken the life of something beautiful, not for any good purpose, but because I could do it.  My power over the life of these two birds caused their death and at that moment I felt hurt, shame and guilt (all deserved).

I have thrown other rocks in my life.  They have flown into the hearts of people I did not want to hurt.  Some of them may not have been ill-intended but they hurt others and I felt the same feeling of loss, hurt and guilt.  I guess life is a learning experience of following what Jesus taught and doing what Jesus leads us to do.  In Matthew 16 Jesus reminds us that "profit" is when we learn to "turn from our selfish ways, take up our cross and follow Him."  Three actions ... turn, take up and follow.  "Lord ... show me the way through the places you have called me to carry that cross.  Bandage those I have hurt and bless those who you send my way. Let me never have power over anything or anyone except that I may express love as you have loved me." Randy

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