Sunday, January 12, 2014


This blog is a bit different than some.  I am usually highlighting a sermon message, giving insight past the usual Sunday message or just venting on a needed subject.  Our subject this coming week is choosing.  I have made some good choices and some bad choices.  But this week humor me in choosing to be thankful

I want to stop and give thanks for a few things.  For a church that wants to really get what the Bible is saying, I give thanks.  For friends who accept me in my infirmity, I give thanks.  For family that loves me knowing my faults, I give thanks.  For all of the gifts at Christmas, given to Lee and I, I give thanks.  For the chance to serve God with whatever giftedness I have, I give thanks.  For life and breath in a free country, I give thanks.

I think in Deuteronomy 30 Moses is both focused on the future and thankful for the mission God has given him.  His work has been a long, painful and fulfilling ride.  He has seen his people saved from slavery in Egypt and ensnared by themselves.  God called them peculiar, a treasure, a kingdom of priests, stiff-necked, disobedient and rebellious.  They were a paradox ... one that sounds similar to the church of today.  But Moses was thankful for his journey to be nearing an end and thankful that God would somehow, in spite of the behavior of the people, fulfill his promise and send the people into the land He had promised them.  He had fought the good fight, accomplished his mission, and Moses would die as one of the greatest men who ever lived.

John Wesley talked about three goals for each day.  Do all the good that you can, do no harm and stay in love with God.  I think Moses was thankful he, on most days, did just that.  I pray I can do the same and go off into that good night having done something good for someone.  How about you?

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