Monday, February 24, 2014


I really don't like the word surviving.  It implies just hanging on to life without quality of life and I don't think it fits with Jesus saying, "I came so you might have life and have it to the fullest."  Still, at times, we travel through places in life where we just need to survive.

I am rereading a book by Philip Yancey called "Soul Survivor."  It tells the story of how Mr. Yancey was able to survive his fundamentalist upbringing and negative church experience and find real faith where we love God with our heart, soul MIND and strength (note the emphasis on mind).  I, and Philip Yancey, agree that Christians should be the greatest thinkers, the most vivid dreamers and the most profound storytellers of any people on earth.  We are told that when Jesus comes we will "dream dreams and see visions (Joel 2:28)" ... that means all of us!  We are blessed by the writings of Paul and the great Christian thinkers of history including G. K. Chesterton and C. S. Lewis (Yancey talks about both of them in his book).  And Jesus was, in my estimation, the greatest storyteller of all time, bringing truth, challenge and clarity to us through His stories of life.

Yancey, in this amazing book (my favorite Yancey book), tells of 13 people who directly and/or indirectly strengthened his faith by mentoring him through a time of simple survival into the abundant life Jesus promised.  The book reminds me that we all need mentors and those who challenge us, lead us, correct us, make us think and give us a breath of fresh air in a world where we, too often, feel like cattle wandering through the desert.  Maybe God sends these people who reflect a little of Jesus and give us Isaiah's "streams in the desert."

Sunday I will be sharing some of my favorite parts of this book and the stories of faith that lift us up out of the miry clay of being stuck in our faith journey.  You know I love stories so come and hear those stories that have pierced my heart and led me to God's place.  Randy

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