Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Telling

I saw the Noah movie the other day.  I won't spoil the movie for those of you who plan to go see it, but there was a scene that I really liked.  The ark is being tossed by the storm of all the centuries and the people are afraid.  So Noah, in true Hebrew form, does something that is remarkable in our electronic culture.  He tells a story ... and not just any story.

Noah tells the people on the arc the story of creation.  He describes how God made everything and how God is the most powerful force in the universe.  He tells them God made everything in its perfect order and how people failed to follow some fairly simple instructions.  In the telling of the story, I believe Noah gives comfort to the people who see the bigness, the creativity, the deft touch of a beautiful and fearsome God.  God, in creation, writes a story into which He writes people ... the treasure of His creation.

As I reread that story I get comfort in the telling of the creation account.  I see, hear and feel the poetry and beauty as God paints the beauty of nature in real and living color.  Friday I thought of this wondrous God as I paddled across Choctawhatchee Bay into a pod of dolphin ... and heard them breathing.  God gave them that breath, that life, that beauty and a grace that I cannot describe.  And that is small when compared to the grace He gave us on a cruel, ugly but necessary cross ... made necessary by the two people in that first creation story.  When they walked out of the garden in exile God was already making a way home.

Sunday (at 9am and 11am) come and hear the Telling of that story ... of Jesus and His love!


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