Monday, April 28, 2014


In my new message series I will be sharing about real people in real situations.  But never forget that the stories of the people in the Bible are also real people who are ably representing us in their faith, their faithlessness, their struggle, their triumph and their understanding (or lack of understanding) of the living God.  Their stories are OUR stories.

I have a friend named Michael Belk who has met more famous people that I will ever name ( you can check him out at ).  Michael's story is interesting, and maybe his story is your story.  During the past 30 years, Michael Belk’s photography has appeared in fashion publications including Vogue, Elle, GQ and Vanity Fair for clients that included Nautica, J.Crew and others.  A self-taught photographer who never picked-up a camera until he was 20, Michael grew up in Central Florida, working in retail clothing in high school and college. Although he planned a career in the fashion industry and worked as a sales executive for Gant, a popular men’s clothing line in the ’60s and 70s, photography snagged his soul. By 42, Michael says that his life was defined by “great excitement, huge success, but very little substance.” It was a busy life, but one running on empty. Something was missing. That's when he had a visitor (I think His name was Jesus) and he recalls “the absolute presence of God” in his room. God asked,  “More of your way or would you like to try Mine?” He wanted to try “God’s way.”

Michael's photography project, Journey With the Messiah places Jesus in modern settings that will challenge and change our world.  The rich young ruler stands beside a sports car, complete with a beautiful woman in the passenger seat.  A broken (and broke) executive lies across the lap of Jesus with his briefcase open and the papers scattered ... there is rest for the weary with Jesus!

Michael's project is unique but his story of meeting a very alive Jesus is not.  When we meet Jesus we are changed.  We will still have struggles ... some that take us to our limits.  But we never need to doubt that Jesus is there.  Michael learned that and it took his gift for creativity and beauty in a new direction.  Isaiah says that we, when God's day happens, will sing a new song.  So, what is your new tune?  Christ the Lord is risen.  Let's get to work together!  Randy

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