Monday, May 5, 2014

Mom Stories

I, like most of you, have mom stories.  For some of us they can be wonderful and funny.  For some of us they bring a more bittersweet taste and require us to understand that we have a God in heaven that can (and will) make up for any parental failings we have here in this life.  God is always there for us.

One thought I had about mothers and Mother's Day, this weekend, is that our stories about our moms are stories we carry all of our lives.  Fred Craddock writes about his mother's compassionate nature toward strangers.  He would go down to the dinner table and a total stranger would be at the table eating dinner with them.  Fred would ask the appropriate questions ... "Who is he?" ..."Why is he here?" ... or a statement ... "He is scary mama!"  Fred said he seldom learned the name or any rational reason for the stranger's presence.  His mother would simply say "He was hungry."

I think of all the times my mom and dad have been there for the needs of our family.  I remember how they helped us when we moved from one place to another.  I think about how my mom (who has a peculiar personality) has had us belly laughing with some statement or action that has defied the natural order of things.  I am glad to know my mom will be in heaven with the saints, probably causing Jesus a sideways look as He asks, "Why did she say that?"  And I am glad to imagine how, in spite of her oddities, mannerisms and quirks mom will be singing (a little off-tune) in the heavenly choir.

I say all this to remind you (and me) we are all a bubble off plumb.  We all have things that are character issues we would rather keep hidden.  But thank God, He sees all of those things and somehow loves us anyway.  God's love isn't blind ... it is all seeing, all knowing, all understanding, and all-in to pursue our best outcome.  Let's say yes to Him.  And when we get to heaven, I will introduce you to my mom.  Get ready to laugh ... she will do something funny!  Randy

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