Monday, October 20, 2014

Less is More

Over time I have learned that the axiom "Less Is More" is both valid and useful in daily life.  This is especially true in kayak fishing where space is limited.  I take six basic things with me when I fish on my kayak. 
   1) my life preserver strapped to the front of the kayak, easily removable for use if needed - The other day I was at Point Washington an a barge came by.  It was huge and beside my little kayak I was dwarfed.  The barge made a formidable wake and I was glad the life preservers were within reach.
   2) a paddle - I have actually driven out of my driveway without a paddle, an obvious necessity since  you can't even leave the shore without a paddle.
   3) an anchor - My anchor is a good one, able to grab the sand and hold steady even when the tide is rushing out. 
   4) 2 rods and reels - Fishing is pretty bland without them. I take two in case something happens to one of them.
   5) my little fishing tackle box - I have separate boxes for salt or fresh water fishing.  I keep the amount of tackle small, because less IS more!  There are hooks, line, a knife, lures, special fishing rigs and a pair of pliers (removing hooks from catfish can be problematic).
   6) my stringer - Hey, I go out with confidence that I will actually catch something!

Jesus also knew "Less Is More."  In Matthew 10 He sends out the disciples on a different kind of fishing trip ... fishing for people.  Jesus' minimalist approach makes me look extravagant.  He says, don't take 1) money, 2) a traveler's bag, 3) a walking stick.  I love the way The Message says ... "You don't need a lot of equipment.  YOU are the equipment."

It is both scary and reassuring that God thinks that we, with all our faults and issues, are adequate (with God's Spirit guiding) to reach the world for Jesus.

Sunday let's share together about what Jesus thinks ought to be in our tackle box when we fish for people.  Randy

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