Monday, October 27, 2014

The Best Fisherman

Over the past 10 weeks our Sunday messages have been about fishing.  I hope we have focused on fishing from a Biblical perspective of fishing for people as Jesus calls ALL of His disciples to the daily vocation of telling others about His kingdom, His healing and His grace.

We will end our series this week with a reminder of God's sovereignty and power to lead us to great things.  We will also talk about Jesus as the Great Shepherd of his sheep and the very best fisherman. 

As I have searched and read about the subject of fishing, I remember taking my grandsons out fishing.  My focus wasn't on how many fish I would catch.  I wanted them to catch a fish and know the joy of having lured the fish onto the line and into the boat.  I wonder ... is this how Jesus feels about us?  Maybe Jesus knows that the greatest joy we can have is sacrificially giving our time, energy, sweat, effort, resources and, if necessary, even our very lives so another person might have the greatest "catch" of all ... the knowledge they are reconciled with God and redeemed by His blood of forgiveness and grace.  Maybe this is the best reason to "fish" for people.  Not to add members to the role (though this is not inherently a bad thing).  Not to see attendance increase (though we would all like that).  Not to boast of our great catch (which pastors do far too often).  We "catch" people and bring them into the body of Christ so God can do His great things in their lives.  The Bible says when this plays out there is healing, forgiveness, joy, peace, redemption, reconciliation, and love ... all through the grace of a God who could be aloof and distant but has chosen to be close and relational.  THAT is why I fish ... how about you?


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