Monday, January 5, 2015


On Sunday we will think about the leadership quality of delegation, one use by Jesus in a mighty way.  Let's just think about it ... Jesus prays for the unity of the church in the last chapters of John ... He is killed, buried, resurrected and He ascends to the Father.  But He does something before He ascends ... He delegates the mission to His Church (that's us).

What could He be thinking?  Doesn't He know who we are?  Dingy, bumbling, sinful, imperfect, broken people!  The Biblically-correct answer to this question is ... YES!  The Bible says He searches and knows everything about us (Psalm 139).  As I pondered this last weekend while attending a planning session for an Emmaus walk (pray for my part in this walk at the end of January) I looked around the room.  There is no way that group of messed up people could possibly pull off the work needed to make this walk happen.  I know some of those folks, and I know myself.  So what gives?  Why would Jesus leave such a daunting task in the hands of people who could not possibly succeed in the task at hand?

Then I thought about the message of Christmas ... God with us and God's Spirit IN us.  Maybe Jesus knows something I do not know.  Maybe He sees past our flaws and into our possibilities.  Maybe Jesus knows more of our capabilities (ably led by the Holy Spirit) than we do.  Maybe He knows EXACTLY what He is doing!

Happy New Year!  Randy

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