Monday, December 29, 2014

Unseen Hands ...

Christmas has been pretty busy this year.  It has made me appreciative of all of those unseen things that "just happen" at our church.  The decorations "happened" because of those unseen hands.  The communion elements "appeared" because of those unseen hands.  The food for Celebrate Recovery was not a mirage ... it was real and really good because of those unseen hands.  Programs for Motley Men, early December Wednesday nights, Miracle in a Manger and nursing homes "materialized" somehow in the midst of the franticness.  Music and sound "happened" from those unseen hands.  But unlike so many other churches I have been part of you noticed and showed your appreciation in meaningful ways.  On behalf of the staff, the volunteers and Lee and I, I thank you for noticing, for YOUR appreciation and the love you show us every day.  You are truly a blessing from God ... and we give thanks to Him for you.  May your Christmas stay bright in your heart and may His star shine through the New Year.  Thanks for showing all of us that those hands weren't really unseen!  Randy

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