Monday, March 9, 2015


Did you ever think about the fact that Jesus had every earthly thing we value taken from him?  What little money he had was tied up in a ministry ... not really his at all.  The guards cast lots for his clothing.  His true title was mocked and became a byword and a jeer as he died on the cross.  His friends and family were scattered.  His life bled out as his health was taken. And he was even separated from his Father.  Jesus lost it all.

I wonder ... when we have nothing but God and we reach out to our only help in times of true trouble, does God take those times to grow us, lead us, hold us and embrace us?  Habakkuk was in trouble in a nation that was about to experience destruction.  They were about to lose it all.  But they never lost God.

A few weeks back I said the name Habakkuk might mean embrace or to be embraced.  As you read, which do you think?  One ... neither ... both?

May God embrace you today!

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