Monday, November 30, 2015

Mighty God

We heard last week that we, as God's Kingdom people, have a wonderful counselor that is able to guide us through this world in a way that leads us home to God's place.  This week we will learn that we have a Mighty God that changes everything in a profound and wonderful ways.

God appeared to Joseph (Matthew 1:18-23) and led Joseph into viewing his life and situation differently.  He reminded Joseph that followers of Christ don't avoid issues ... they confront them.  Joseph faces his fears, his untrue expectations and his internal emotions and makes a decision that follows God into His plan.  God gives Joseph new possibilities and new purpose, founded in God's ultimate purpose and covenant.  God also changes Joseph's position from one wandering through life without a shepherd to a man who can truly say "The Lord is my Shepherd!"

I pray for these changes as we go through this Christmas season.  I pray you will face your problems and issues face on and allow God to lead you to a solution.  I pray that you will have open eyes to see the possibilities and purpose of God and the feet to follow God where He leads.  I pray that you will accept the position God offers you as part of a Church that Jesus sends out to offer hope, peace, grace, power, love and the true joy of Christmas.  I pray that you will, as Joseph did, see Jesus' arrival as a fulfilled promise of a perfect God.  Randy

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