Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Unfamiliar

I just got a call from a friend who is dealing with a lot of changes.  She has had several life-changing events.  She is pretty aware that things going forward will be a journey into to unfamiliar.  I told her to take heart ... God's got this!

If we learn nothing from the Revelation we learn that God has it under control.  He has fought for and paid for our eternal salvation ... He has spoken an end to the work of Satan and his minions ... he has brought justice out of our poor attempts for non-Biblical "fairness" ... He has created a new place for His people ... and He will guide us there.  God has it under control and Isaiah expresses this fact in Isaiah 42:16.  God's exact words are ... "I will lead blind Israel down a new path, guiding them along an unfamiliar way."

This is important in Revelation and in life because our inclination is to embrace the comfortable and familiar.  God's purpose seems to be in direct opposition to this.  My friend has had significant life changes and I think her desire might be for life to get back to "normal."  But I think God's desire is to get her life on His path.  Why?  Because His path has a purpose beyond our comfort or needs.  His path has a destination that is the perfect place for our new beginning.  His path will be productive and His grace will smooth the road and lighten our darkness.

My friend needs light and guidance.  She needs a smooth road. And she won't find either of these trusting in the idols and facades of this world.

Maybe we should embrace God's unfamiliar way.  It leads somewhere!

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