Monday, December 26, 2016


"Thank you Lord for the gifts you place in my life.  The gift of family that has blessed me during this Christmas season with beautiful chaos, beautifully intense interactions and beautiful chances to share life.  The gift of a Church family that cares and shares love, life, resources and makes sure that the pastor and staff know that they are appreciated.  The gift of music that allows my soul to sing and praise God like Mary did in her beautiful song from Luke 1.  The gift of the friends (and there are many) who share the joy of ministry doing little and big things for the Kingdom of God.  The gift of struggles that God's grace has led me through and past.  The gift of those who have lived and died leaving their reflections in the mirror of my memory so I can recall and laugh and cry as I appreciate the brief time spent here and anticipate the promised eternity in heaven.  The ministries that God has given Abbeville United Methodist so we can tell our community and the world that Jesus is Lord, God never fails and salvation through the Christ child is the greatest gift ever given.  The pastors who have shared the Word of Life in this community and in the world ... often at great struggle and inconvienience.  Of all these gifts, Lord I thank you ... and I ask your blessing on each person that reads this message.  I know and You know that Longfellow was right when he wrote ... "The wrong shall fail, the right prevail with peace on earth and good will toward men."  He, You and I know that this hope and truth starts with me (and those reading this) where you have placed them to reflect the light of Jesus to a world needing light.  Empower us to do this by leading us to follow you.  Thank you Lord ... for letting us be part of the beauty and mystery of faithfully following you to wher3ever you lead.  It is the blessing of living life in You!"  Randy

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