Monday, January 30, 2017

Something's Happening

There's an old Buffalo Springfield song called "For What It's Worth."  The song has two lines pertinent to this blog today.  The first is "something's happening here ... what it is ain't exactly clear."  The 12 disciples had been walking alongside Jesus for months.  Jesus had taught and healed many people, including those with leprosy and demon-possession.  But in Matthew 8 Jesus calms a storm as He and the disciples are traveling across a lake in a boat.  The disciples say, "Who is this man?" ... "Even the winds and the waves obey Him!" (Matthew 8:27).  Truly something amazing is happening.

I have been both encouraged and uplifted with the excitement of this particular new year.  We are talking about ministry.  We are sharing about hopes and dreams.  We are asking questions, I hope always in a positive light.  We are present in worship as highlighted by very good worship attendance in January.  We are meeting about our 2020 Vision through which we will collectively prioritize, plan, implement and evaluate new and existing ministries.  Our Strategic Planning Team is getting ready for our next Koinonia [February 26th, 10am] and many other things that have been "on the plate" for awhile.  We all seem excited about the God who told us He does new things and he brings "streams of water in the desert."  Something's truly happening here!

The other line from the song is one about being observant, aware and participatory in the "what's happening."  The song says ... "it's time we stop, children, what's that sound. Everybody look what's going down."  Yes ... there are good things happening.  Yes, God is calling us to be "be ye doers of the Word, not just hearers!" (James 1:22).  But I think God is also reminding us that actions of doing the Word include actions that grow us everyday, becoming more able to hear and follow His Word.

I hope we are all asking the question, "Who is this man?" because God wants to teach us the answer to that question.  I hope we are all passionate about knowing that God is doing great things, even when we think things are the most dire.  I hope we all realize Jesus' call (John 10) to be those sheep (followers) who are closely related to the Good Shepherd and who know His voice.  We know that voice by seeking ... learning ... studying God's Word ... participating in activities (like your great attendance at worship!) and Bible Study opportunities ... being ready to become part of a church where the workers are not few because the Lord of the harvest (Jesus) has sent many workers into the fields.  I hope you will give Jesus the opportunity to add your name to that list of workers and seekers!  

I pray the "something" that is happening is Jesus! Randy

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